This is a brief guide to setting up Revisions. You may also be interested in the basics of Revisions. Further information is in the list of frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance, email me at or mention @RevisionsMacApp in a tweet.
Introduction and setup flow
First launch of Revisions
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When you first launch Revisions, the app will install its menu bar icon and open up the panel. Click on the triangle in the bottom right corner to proceed. (The gear button at the top-right lets you open this help page and allows you to quit the app if needed.) The first few screens simply give a brief introduction to the functionality of Revisions.
Start up automatically?
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After the first few introductory screens, Revisions asks you whether you want to start up the app automatically when starting up your Mac. This is recommended as it makes Revisions easily available whenever you use your Mac. Also, this makes it possible for the app to index your Dropbox activity transparently in the background, so the data is up-to-date when you need it. Press the checkmark in the bottom right corner to set Revisions to start automatically, or press the cross at the bottom left to require you to manually launch the app.
Allow anonymous usage data?
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Next, Revisions asks you whether it is allowed to send anonymous usage data back to the developer. Such data is needed to fix any errors, optimize the app's performance, and improve Revisions overall. No personally identifiable information (such as account names or email addresses), no files or file metadata (such as filenames), or any other sensitive information is ever sent. Nevertheless, the decision is yours. Thanks for your help!
Connect to Dropbox!
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Next, Revisions needs to connect to your Dropbox account. Clicking the button opens your default web browser and directs you to a page on If you are not yet signed in to Dropbox in your browser, you will be prompted to enter your Dropbox account credentials (see below). Note that Revisions will never see your Dropbox password.
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Once you've successfully signed in, connect Revisions to your account by clicking the Allow button. Note that Revisions is a Mac app that runs on your computer only. Your Dropbox files and file metadata are still safe.
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The browser may ask you for permission to open Revisions. This is normal. When you have given your permission, the Revisions panel will open up and confirm the connection.
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If, at any point, you need to restart the process, simply click on the "Try again" button on the right side of the Revisions panel. This will open a new browser window and begin the connection process anew.
Select your history period
To finish the setup, select the history period that you have on your Dropbox account. At the time of this writing, most personal Dropbox accounts (both free and paid) are standard accounts with 30 days of history, while business Dropbox users typically have 120 days of history. Some users may even have special accounts with a full year of history, or even unlimited history. If you do not know your history period, go to your Dropbox account on their website, go to Settings, and check your plan. If necessary, contact Dropbox to ask them what your history period is.
You're done!
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You have now successfully set up Revisions. Press the checkmark and Revisions will start indexing your Dropbox edits. You can use the app immediately, but if you have a lot of files the edits will of course only appear as soon as Revisions indexes them.
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